Earl Stewart

Project Description

098 XYZ explores the intersection between digital innovation and traditional craft. This exploration looks at how advanced manufacturing can interact with more traditional methods to enhance the overall experience. The precision of 3D scanning is used to look at bio-mechanic stability and comfort for the foot which is then designed for Additive Manufacturing. Merging this 3D-printed element with a hand-sewn leather upper merges the best of both worlds into one cohesive piece.

Bio of the Author

As an industrial designer, a digital innovator, and a specialist in Advanced Manufacturing, Earl Stewart has built upon his Master’s Degree in Advanced Digital Manufacturing by applying his passion for innovation to the fashion and footwear markets. His work has been exhibited around the world and featured in many publications regarding the future of wearable technology. Combining a broad knowledge of design with a deep understanding of digital processes has allowed him to promote a diverse range of product and research development for private and commercial use.