James Novak

Project Description

The FIX3D Bicycle Frame aims to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by 3D Printing, challenging the traditional model of mass production and the archetype of the bicycle frame. Of particular interest is the ability to create one-off, customizable pieces that may be more lightweight and stronger than traditional frames, through the use of complex lattice structures typically seen in nature. This particular frame fits the designer’s own unique body proportions, meaning that there is less need for heavy adjustable components such as the one to modify seat height. In the future, professional athletes and recreational cyclists alike will be able to create lightweight bicycles perfectly suited to their anthropometry and riding style, dramatically improving performance. As printing technology improves and build volumes grow, this frame may be printed in titanium, carbon fiber, or a composite in order to achieve the strength necessary to be rideable.

Bio of the Author

Industrial designer, lecturer at Griffith University Australia, PhD candidate, and 3D print enthusiast, James Novak represents a mixed bag of interests and capacities, with a research focus on Additive Manufacturing. His first experience with 3D Printing came in 2009 during his undergraduate studies and, in 2010, he won the Australasian Student Design Award for Industrial Design. Following a number of years working as a professional industrial designer, 2014 marked his return to academia to begin his higher degree research, starting with an award-winning bicycle frame that challenges convention and highlights the opportunities for designers to embrace Additive Manufacturing.