David Graas

Project Description

An icon of the old industry, the mass-produced single-use PET bottle is reinterpreted as a dog. Paying tribute to the balloon dog of Jeff Koons, the “Screw It Dog” allows you to store your dry foods in a creative way: just cut off the tail bottle to function as a funnel and fill the legs, ears, and nose of the dog one by one with sugar, rice, coffee beans, or pasta. Screw It is a collection of products reinterpreting the familiar PET bottle in innovative ways. Taken as a whole, Screw It shows that design does not necessarily mean starting from scratch: there is new meaning and value to be found in the rubble of the discarded, transforming the seemingly worthless into something unexpectedly precious.

Bio of the Author

David Graas (born in 1970) studied Product Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Since 2004, he has been working as an independent designer. His work explores the relationship between products and their users, specifically how these products are valued and why. He sees himself as a guerrilla designer, fighting the current industrial model in a peaceful way. Hacking the system of mass production that provides the same products everywhere, with no character and no durability, he proposes an alternative that is more elegant and returns control to the users of his products.