OBL, a Materialise Company

Project Description

This skull implant is just one in the line of OBL’s PorousTI porous anatomical titanium cranio-maxillofacial implants and is designed primarily to fill bone defects in the skull resulting from trauma, tumor resections, or malformations. The PorousTI implants can also be used in plastic surgery as facial implants for augmentation or other morphological operations.

As a daughter company of Materialise, OBL offers an interactive virtual planning service, complementing its patient-specific implant services, that allows the surgeon to make clinical decisions preoperatively and provides osteotomy or resection guides that are beneficial in certain procedures.

The standard OBL osteosynthesis range is complemented by patient-specific plates that ensure the bone fragments are repositioned to faithfully match the preoperative plan. These plates are easy to use and ensure predictability in reconstruction or orthognathic surgery. The custom-made plates are in harmony with the unique clinical situation of each patient and the individual surgeon’s choice of treatment.

Company Description

Established in 1996 in Paris, France, Materialise’s daughter company OBL is a manufacturer of implants for maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, and plastic surgery. Relying on a high level of technical know-how and many years of experience in the development of osteosynthesis devices and Additive Manufacturing techniques, OBL has developed a profound scientific base. Since 2005, OBL has developed this specialization by investing significantly in the search for customized solutions that are in harmony with the morphology and physiology of each individual patient.