Dror Benshetrit

Project Description

The interlocking squares of the lamp are made by applying QuaDror—a versatile structural support system developed by New York-based designer Dror Benshetrit—pieces to a single, flat laser-sintered 3D print. Once open and illuminated, the fixture’s complex shape is highlighted by multiple diffusions of light which dance along the hundreds of squares that comprise its form. This effect creates a warm, subtle glow at the center of the cube that gradually fades into cooler shades as it nears the edges of the piece.

Bio of the Author

Dror is an ideas-driven design practice that disrupts conventions of art, architecture, and design. Our audacious, experimental projects strive to profoundly impact communities and environments around the globe.

The New York studio is led by Dror Benshetrit, a designer, thinker, dreamer, and futurist who’s holistic approach informs a striking range of affecting, unconventional work. Together, we tackle visionary pursuits that result in increased brand equity for our partners.